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At Crowe, our audit approach ensures clients always have peace of mind that they meet all relevant statutory obligations. But, in additional to that, our experienced audit and assurance teams develop a deep knowledge and understanding our clients’ business and use their technical expertise and sector knowledge to create real lasting value for our clients.
Crowe’s audit and assurance partners would be delighted to discuss how we can support your business or organisation. Our services include;
  • Statutory and non-statutory audits
  • Pension scheme audits
  • Grant audits

Statutory and Non-Statutory Audits

Not all businesses require an audit, however if you are a growing business, or considering a sale, an audit could help provide assurance that everything is in order and the business is compliant with current legislation. An audit also provides potential investors and stakeholders with the assurance that the results of a business are being fairly stated and documented.
Under the Companies Act 2014, any incorporated entity which exceeds any two of the following criteria in the current or preceding financial year must have a statutory audit:
  • More than 50 employees
  • Turnover exceeding €8.8 million
  • Balance sheet total exceeding €4.4 million

Pension Audit

In today’s highly regulated pension market, trustees face increased pressure to maintain tight monitoring and regulatory controls. Our team has considerable experience providing pension audits and remain fully up to date with pension legislation. We tailor our approach to suit each client, ensuring a complete understanding of the risks attributable to each scheme. Through our approach, coupled with our expertise and experience, we can provide assurance that each client is compliant with all regulations.

Grant Audit

Crowe has vast experience in providing a wide range of grant audit services. We provide a tailored approach to all our grant audit assignments that suits your needs. Whether providing or receiving grant funding we provide the necessary advice and support to assist clients through the process.
We prepare, perform and report our audit work in an efficient and timely manner that allows you to focus on your day-to-day business, while ensuring that all agreed deadlines are met.

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