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This is a court procedure which involves obtaining protection from the courts to assist the survival and restructuring of an insolvent company. It protects an insolvent business from its creditors for a finite period enabling it to put in place a survival plan and restructure its debts.
The introduction of the Companies Acts 2014 has allowed for examinership to be heard by the Circuit Court in addition to the High Court, meaning that the process is now significantly cheaper and more flexible. This ensures that that examinership is now a viable option for struggling SMEs to consider.
Our experienced team can:
  • Assist a company in determining whether it is suitable for examinership
  • Provide advice and assistance for High Court or Circuit Court application for the appointment of an examiner
  • We can prepare the independent expert’s report in support of a petition to the court for protection
  • Act as examiner on the nomination of the shareholders, directors or creditors

Contact our experienced team if you wish to confidentially discuss your requirements and receive a no-obligation consultation.

Using an examinership as a restructuring and insolvency solution for your business

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