Specialist hospitality business advisors

Helping restaurant owners navigate the challenges associated with COVID-19


Crowe is delighted to be a trade partner to the Restaurants Association of Ireland. As specialist hospitality financial advisors we are committed to providing innovative and workable business solutions to restaurant and hospitality businesses during both times of growth and periods of immense challenge, as we are currently facing.

Our team comprises experienced accountants and hospitality consultants with practical industry expertise that enables us to provide a wide range of tax, liquidity & cash flow management, restructuring & insolvency and accounting services to the sector.

Crowe Ireland specialist restaurant advisors
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Partner, Corporate Recovery - Crowe Ireland
Aiden Murphy
Corporate Recovery
Lisa Kinsella, Partner, Tax - Crowe Ireland
Lisa Kinsella
Partner, Tax
Shaw McClung - Crowe Ireland
Shaw McClung
Partner, Audit