Returning to Ireland - Registering spouse and children - Crowe Ireland

Returning to Ireland – Registering your spouse and children

Here's what you need to know about returning to Ireland.

Returning to Ireland - Registering spouse and children - Crowe Ireland
Tax is always a major concern for ex-pats thinking of returning to Ireland. In a special holiday season series, our tax department are sharing some of the common questions that we are frequently asked from people who are looking to return home.
Question: I am returning with a spouse / children who are not Irish citizens. What practical steps do I need to take in accessing benefits etc., for my family?
With more and more people returning to Ireland after having been abroad for a number of years, it is important to think of some practical steps you should take on your return.
When returning to Ireland with a spouse and/or children who are not Irish citizens, one of the first practical steps to be taken will be to apply for a Personal Public Service Number (PPS Number) for each family member. This number will allow your family access to social welfare benefits, public services and information in Ireland.
An appointment must be made at one of the PPS number allocation centres across the country. Your spouse and children must attend the centre in person and will need to provide evidence of identity and address.
Following successful registration, your spouse and children will be notified of their PPS number by letter.
If you have any questions about returning to Ireland or any other personal tax issues, please contact a member of our tax team.

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