Implementation Review of the National Physical Activity Plan published


Crowe Consulting’s implementation review of the National Physical Activity Plan (NPAP) for the Department of Health has been published.

The report presents an independent review of the implementation and progress of the NPAP from 2016 to 2022.

Get Ireland Active – the National Physical Activity Plan (NPAP) was launched in 2016, aiming to get at least half a million more Irish people taking regular exercise within ten years. Based on international best practice, Ireland’s first ever physical activity plan seeks to tackle the leading contribution played by a lack of physical activity to the risk of chronic disease. The plan is ambitious, aiming for a 1% increase in physical activity across the whole population per year over the duration of the initiative. 

Eight action areas are set out in the NPAP which are individually distinct but derived from complementary themes. Spread across the eight areas are 60 specific actions addressing individual or group needs and circumstances.

Speaking at the launch of the report, Crowe partner Shane McQuillan, said “We are delighted to have supported this incredibly important work. Ireland is one of the few countries to have clearly set out, in a comprehensive and overarching national plan, the importance and ambition of both integrating physical activity into the everyday life of citizens, and making this accessible to all parts of society. Great progress has been achieved to date and we hope that this independent review will further inform and enhance the next stage of the National Physical Activity Plan”.

In the report, the key achievements of the NPAP are provided in an aggregated format across the eight action areas, providing further learning and application for stakeholder bodies. The report discusses the current and evolving national and international context of policy and guidance development, and the issues of commonality with the NPAP. 

A series of 28 recommendations is provided, together with an overview of the caveats relating to a number our findings and analysis. Each recommendation, ranging from suggested new areas of focus to the requirement to build on the achievements realised to date, is qualified, and helps to inform, support, and shape the direction of travel for the NPAP 2022 – 2026.

David Lees, Associate Director, Crowe Consulting said “The review has provided an objective and evidence-led evaluation of this ambitious cross-sectoral initiative. It has been notable that the determination and influence of stakeholders, ranging from national health and wellbeing bodies to community-based groups, have maintained the focus of many aspects of the Plan throughout the exceptionally challenging period of Covid-related restrictions. We hope that the Crowe review can help towards the further targeting of interventions to promote the benefits of physical activity, and the removal of the obstacles that prevent or restrict access to sport and physical activity, whilst also providing more opportunities for the entire population to engage in activity”.

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