Crowe newsletter – Q2 2021

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After over a year working remotely, there are many things that we learned which will have a very positive impact on how we serve our clients and manage our teams in the future. A greater use of technology and adapting our processes to remote working has shown us, and many other professional services firms, that productivity and collaboration can remain strong, and so it looks clear that a hybrid model of working will become more mainstream in the years ahead. However, there will always be the need to meet and interact face-to-face and we look forward to the reopening of office spaces when it is safe to do so and reconnecting with clients and colleagues, especially those that have joined the firm since the start of the pandemic.

Crowe Ireland The Art of SmartIn this uncertain environment, one of the most prevalent challenges for business leaders is how to ensure decision-making is efficient, effective and driving sustainable growth. Helping our clients make smart decisions that create lasting value is at the heart of everything we do, and now our clients need us more than ever. Through our global leadership hub The Art of Smart, we examine the success factors consistent in smart decision-making. The Art of Smart's extensive research has identified six business-critical challenges that almost all organisations around the globe face in the short term: business continuity as the world emerges from the coronavirus pandemic, evolving investment, sustainability with profit, increasing cyberthreat, the future of the workplace, and trust in technology. Find out more.

Clodagh O’Brien, Partner, Consulting
Crowe Ireland Newsletter Q2 2021
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