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Ruth Ní Bheoláin, Manager, Consulting
Information on preparing for the VAT rate change - Crowe Ireland

Our approach to change management in Crowe is built on the assumption that transformational change is a human process, predicated on organisational culture and willingness of stakeholders to participate in an effectively managed change process. We leverage evidence-based practice in change management and organisational motivation to implement structured change plans that will support your organisation to develop and successfully implement long-lasting and meaningful change programmes.

Managing change in three phases

Change management, at its most simple, is a journey from A to B. However, no change journey is linear, and transformational change has a chaotic 'messy middle'. We base our approach to change management on Kurt Lewin and John Kotters' change models to provide a simple but effective baseline for informing and managing the change process throughout the chaotic journey, developing critical scaffolding for change in partnership with you and your staff to support transitions during the most chaotic aspects of the change journey.

Managing change in three phases

Enabling stakeholder engagement in change

We know from our lived experience of transformational change, and backed up by research and theories of motivation such as Self-Determination Theory, that we can increase stakeholders' motivation and willingness to sustain the impact of meaningful, long-term organisational change when we build on three psychological needs of autonomy, relatedness and competence.

  • Autonomy: the extent to which we feel we have choice and willingly participate in activities, the opposite of feeling that we must do something wholly by obligation
  • Competence: the extent to which we feel effective and capable to complete our activities
  • Relatedness: the extent to which we feel connected with others and feel a sense of belongingness in our environment
Enabling stakeholder engagement in change
Change principles

This need to ensure employees are autonomously motivated to engage with organisational goals is particularly important in a complex organisational context that relies on distributed leadership across multiple areas of expertise and locations.

Stakeholder buy-in and participation is critical to the success of any organisational change process and needs to be facilitated early and often through a structured communication and stakeholder engagement plan. Eight change principles underpin our work to promote productive stakeholder involvement, outlined in our change principles diagram.

Change management activities

Change management activities are interwoven throughout projects in alignment with all project activities. This ensures that our overall work programmes are implemented in a way that supports the development of new organisational cultures, while supporting staff and leadership to navigate the natural challenges that arise during periods of change.

Core change management activities include:

  • As Is / To Be Assessment;
  • Change Readiness Assessment and Change Impact Assessment;
  • Design and commencement of a Change Training Programme; and
  • Change Management Planning.

Communication and engagement with stakeholders runs continuously throughout the entirety of our consulting projects.

"We have worked with Crowe on a number of assignments in recent years. The team have provided high-quality change management support for some of the most significant developments in the College’s history – helping to ensure that our staff remain excited, motivated, and supported throughout some very challenging times."

Fintan Foy, Chief Executive Officer, Irish College of General Practitioners

If you are anticipating, already planning, or in the midst of transformation change, our team can help you navigate this transition in your organisation. Our consulting team is always happy to explore your options with you – please reach out to discuss this more.

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