Business Monitoring Services


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The current need companies have go way beyond the traditional organization and operation of an accounting department. Modern accounting department does not simply collects and records financial information. It provides crucial information through reports that facilitate decision-making and timely strategy formation, thus it is a vital Management tool.

Crowe accounting experts provide high quality accounting services that upgrade and modernize accounting departments, transforming them into corporate beacons for the pursuit of targets. For us, safe and seamless corporate operations and value maximization for our customers is of paramount importance. Our core values are professionalism and respect and safeguarding or our clients’ confidential data.

We offer a wide range of accounting services that besides common needs (i.e. bookkeeping) they cover vital areas of interest such as:

  • Accounting planning, organization and support including submission of financial statements.
  • Composing of financial statements under IFRS and Greek Financial Reporting Standards.
  • Detailed cost accounting
  • Payroll and HR support management
  • Special projects such as incorporation, cease of operations, transformations



At Crowe, we have invested in, and offer to our customers, a comprehensive proprietary technology platform that enhance financial oversight of small and medium sized businesses.

Based on their long experience in the field, our associates have developed a standardized programming solution that:

  • Provides a reliable, ongoing and real time overview of a company’s financial situation.
  • Provides diagnostic advisory services.
  • Foresees potential risks and operating problems, allowing for a quick and effective response.

Business Monitor offers the end user a set of services that include:

  • Advisory support by special, dedicated consultants.
  • Continuous information access through the Business Monitor integrated platform.
  • Specialized financial tools to support finance managers.
  • Privileged access to the full range of client services.


Dimitris Syrigos,

Director, Business-Monitoring Advisory