Financial Advisory Services


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At Crowe, we provide specialized financial services to cover every need in today’s business environment. Our goal is to combine the knowledge and the experience of our professionals, with innovative methods and the latest data, in service of our customers.

For each project, we set up flexible working groups that draw on the relevant expertise of Crowe professionals, so as to provide our customers with relevant solutions to the challenges they face.

Whether it is raising funds to finance an investment program, or support management during a takeover or merger or whether it is performing a business feasibility study, or the operational restructuring of a business, our people are always ready to help you reach your goals.

Our team of professionals has decades of cumulative experience working on hundreds of corporate projects big and small, and can plan, analyze and implement consolidated solutions that maximize value for the end user.


Monitoring and evaluation of the financial situation of a bank’s business customers

Consulting Services to Banks concerning business customers with respect to:

  • Loan restructuring, by creating a Turnaround Business Plan and documenting actual repayment ability (Cash Flow Lending)
  • Structuring repayment terms for existing loans
  • Undertaking operational restructuring
  •  Independent Business Review (IBR) of major business customers’ situation to provide timely information to the Bank
  • Thorough investigation of the company’s activities from both a financial and an operational viewpoint
  • Pre-loan financial, legal and tax audits of business customers applying for large loans


Business Plans

The Business Plan is a study of the vision and the ideas that a company or an entrepreneur has, translated to a sequence of specific, measurable and achievable steps. The business plan records and analyzes the business environment surrounding the company, the industry, its competitors, the resulting products or services, as well as its advantages and disadvantages. On this basis, the steps that the company has to take in the short and long term are formulated, the capital needs for these actions are determined, and the anticipated results are calculated, in terms of both profitability and liquidity.

We able to offer all necessary support to the management of the business customer towards the preparation, evaluation and formulation of a business plan that meets the above objectives. In addition, our consultants can monitor and update, where necessary, the implementation of the Business Plan, in close collaboration and communication with the Management.





  • Recording of qualitative and quantitative benefits related to an acquisition of another business or a specific asset.
  • Companies or assets valuation with the use of appropriate valuation methods on a case by case.
  • Provision of expert opinion on the fair and reasonable acquisition price.



  • Recording of qualitative and quantitative benefits related to a merger among business or specific assets.
  • Formulation of specific financial proposals regarding the share exchange ratio among entities.



  • Valuation of the company’s fixed assets by certified engineers from renowned organizations such as the Technical Chamber of Greece, RICS and the Ministry of Finance. Such valuations can be used with any authority, bank, insurance agent, court of justice, company and/or individuals in Greece and abroad.
  • The valuation methods used are: Discounted Income (Discounted Free Cash Flow, Dividend Discount Model and/or Residual Income Model), Comparable Assets (Comparable Company Multiples and Comparable Transaction Multiples) and Book Value (Value Adjusted Equity).

In addition to the above, our proposals include:

a) Tax assessment for managing the transaction associated tax risk

b) Pre-transaction tax valuation (due diligence)

c) Transaction tax structuring

d) Post-transaction tax advisory support


Due Diligence

  • Detailed investigation and evaluation of a company’s legal, financial, commercial, operational and fiscal condition
  • Analysis of key financial indicators such as sales, costs, inventories, receivables, liabilities, total debt.
  • Risk analysis from existing or contingent liabilities in terms of dependence on customers, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • Sell-side due diligence aiming to strengthen the seller’s position and highlight the related benefits and synergies from the proposed transaction.


Capital Raise

Securing of necessary funding is a key element in the successful implementation of any Business Plan. Crowe takes into account the client’s existing financial structure and proposes a tailored funding plan.

We provide an end-to-end tailored plan with terms and condition in the cash of share capital increase with cash.

We also offer advisory services in regards to the requirements of the SEC and the Stock Exchange in the case of public companies.

Finally yet importantly, we provide end-to-end solutions in the case of bond issuance, as well as assume the role of the Consultant as provisioned by the Athens Stock Exchange regulatory framework in the case of bond issuance and listing.


Investment banking related services

  • Consulting support provision on behalf of companies seeking to raise capital
  • Consulting support provision on behalf of investors seeking investment opportunities.
  • Presentation of the company and its business plan to prospective investors.


Financial and Business Restructuring

Formulating a specific action plan which aims to highlight the comparative advantages of the products or services offered by our client, to reduce production costs, to improve the company’s cash flow and profitability, to optimize internal procedures, to form an effective system of internal reporting and to develop a specific financial strategy as regards resource allocation and the action plan.