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Crowe in Greece was founded on April 29, 1993, retaining as its members the overwhelming majority of the members of the Board of Certified Public Accountants (SOL), thus, allowing the continuation and contributing to the expansion of the activity, that the Board of Certified Public Accountants (SOL) was performing as the exclusive entity of the recognized auditing profession.

In 2002, it expanded significantly its services by setting up SOL Consulting SA with the aim of providing advisory services and in particular, advisory, financial, tax and accounting services, based on its own premises located in the reputable area of Kolonaki.

In 2006, it became a member of Crowe Horwath International, one of the top 10 international networks of independent accounting and advisory firms.

In 2018 the Group was renamed as Crowe Global.

Today, Crowe operates the largest branches and associates network in Greece, with presence in eight cities in the country, while it employs 650 experienced executives across its range of services.

With over 25 years of operation, Crowe is the largest company of Certified Public Accountants and Business Consultants in Greece, develops its business activities both domestically and abroad, and provides with its services more than 4,000 companies in the private and public sector.

The first steps and the founders of Crowe in Greece

The statute of Associated Certified Public Accountants SA (SOL SA) was signed at the Headquarters of the Board of Certified Public Accountants, while 197 CPAs, accounting for about 96% of the Board of Certified Public Accountants (205 CPAs in total), were its founders.

On behalf of all the founders, except one who signed individually due to major force reasons, five Certified Public Accountants, were appointed to sign the statutes as proxies, agents and agents at the command of the other. They are mentioned here below in the order of the statute for historical reasons, while (+) is for those having passed away until Nov 2014:

Protopsaltis Nicolaos (+), Anastassopoulos Ioannis, Papanikolaou Stylianos (+), Dritsas Ioannis, Angelides Evangelos

It was decided, after the compromising consent of the founders, that the first Board of Directors, from the foundation of the company until the first convergence of the Extraordinary General Meeting that took place on June 30, 1993, would be representative of all the forces of the Certified Public Accountants Board. More specifically:

  • the historical Association of SOL Members, representing all grades, being the only one having a huge activity for the profession,
  • the newly then founded Association of Certified Accountants, representing only the Certified Accountants' Grade, with the participation of the Association of SOL Members,
  • a small association, contrary to the Association of SOL Members (SOL Association)
  • the last President of Certified Public Accountants Board (SOL).

The members of the first Board of Directors, having been proposed, are:

  • Tzermiadianos Constantinos - President
  • Protopsaltis Nicolaos Managing Director
  • Angelides Evangelos - Member
  • Alamanos Charilaos - Member
  • Anastassopoulos Ioannis - Member
  • Dritsas Ioannis - Member
  • Papanikolaou Stylianos - Member