Management Consulting


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Strategic planning

Developing a realistic strategy represents the cornerstone of business development.
Usually, that is a difficult task, given both the complex external environment facing businesses and their own internal conditions. We possess the knowledge, the experience, and the cutting-edge methods to help businesses develop such a strategy, something that will serve as a practical tool for management in achieving further growth.

Business optimization services

A constantly changing financial, technological and regulatory landscape means that businesses must constantly adapt and improve their operations. Those adjustments and changes must take into account every dimension of a company’s operations including Processes, Systems, Organization and Human Resources. Using the latest methods in business organization and process simulation, we can identify operating problems and propose effective solutions.

Project management

Successful implementation of a Program or a specific Project requires a systematic and disciplined approach. It is imperative that a business use specialized Program/Project Management tools and techniques covering every aspect of a project, including Management of Time, Resources, Risk, Quality, Changes etc. The experience of our consultants in such projects, our methods and the tools we use, are the cornerstones to effective advice provision.


The goal of SGPnet is to identify the applied Best Practices in the Municipalities in an objective and quantitative manner and then to explore the possibilities of adopting these Practices by other Municipalities of the country. Expert Consultants in the field of local government, in collaboration with the competent Municipal Authorities collect the data required for the calculation of the Indices, on the basis of which their functions will be evaluated. The Indicators pertaining to each Operational Area have been selected in such a way that the necessary data are readily available from the Municipal Services without significant additional work.