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We offer assurance and tax advisory services in order to develop a comprehensive tax support framework for companies that operate in nowadays demanding tax environment. With our broad and deep knowledge and experience, we support our corporate customers to become financially strong, aiming at their viability and growth.


We treat audit for the issuance of the tax certificate as an independent process, enhancing the management of mitigating the associated tax risk. Our aim is not only to offer services that focus solely to tax compliance but also to actively support customers with their overall tax approach and effectively manage and meet their tax obligations. Our tax certificate issuance audit framework encompasses our audit framework for the companies’ financial statements and rely on a diligent approach for both customers and the overall ecosystem they operate in.

Our auditors not only possess CPA certification but also extensive experience in tax and corporate matters. Furthermore, a multi-member Technical Committee, tasked and focused in addressing the complete spectrum of tax related subjects supports our tax certificate issuance services.


Crowe’s specialized accountants can provide optional auditing services on top of the compulsory ones. Such projects can include:

  • Due diligence in case of corporate transactions (mergers & acquisitions) or business activities carve-outs.
  • Review and appraisal of internal auditing and corporate governance processes.
  • Special auditing projects related to banking institutions and insurance companies
  • Expertise provision in corporate legal disputes
  • Integrity and forensic services in fraud-related projects
  • Support or audit services provision on tax and accounting affairs


We in Crowe believe that financial statements auditing is a value-add service to a company’s shareholders, management and overall stakeholders.

By leveraging our 60+ years of experience in assurance and audit services in Greece, we have developed and continuously implement not only a methodology relevant for Public Interest Entities (i.e. public companies, banking institutions and insurance companies) which is fully adapted to what IFRS dictate, but also to a methodology tailored to the audit needs of Small-Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Our methodology rely on Crowe’s global methodology and fully comply with IFAC’s IFRS requirements. It spreads across three pillars:

  1. Understanding shareholders and management needs
  2. Consideration of related costs for entity to support the audit process
  3. Frequent and systematic communication with the management

We weigh carefully the size of each company during the planning and the implementation of each audit project. We leverage the expertise our assurance team has in the domestic financial, corporate and legal environment, while at the same time study carefully the nature and complexity of each company across all levels.

The planning process takes into account the financial statements audit needs, in combination with the tax certificate issuance needs. This way, duplication of audit processes is avoided, resulting in time and cost savings.

In Crowe, we continuously invest in tools and related methodology, aiming at constantly improving our assurance services. For this reason, we rely on dedicated expert teams and committees (i.e. Scientific Council, Technical Office, Tax Committee, Quality Control, Legal Department) targeting at unquestionably high quality services provision and performance maximization for our customers.

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