Ransomware Insights

Ransomware Insights 

Becoming Resilient in the Face of Growing Threats

Location: Webinar
Start date:

1/30/2020 12:00 PM

End date:

1/30/2020 12:30 PM

Services: Consulting
Industries: Healthcare
Ransomware Insights
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By 2021, a business will be victimized by ransomware every 11 seconds, according to Cybersecurity Ventures.* Ransomware is all over the news – with the Coast Guard being one of the most recent targets. These days no one is immune from a cyberattack. Threat actors aren’t just seeking out big corporations – small businesses, utility companies, schools, and cities have all been victim to ransomware.

The methods used are constantly evolving, and threat actors with increasingly less technological knowledge are creating havoc in what was once a hacker-dominated space. Prevention is a good first step, but it’s critical that organizations take a holistic approach involving prevention, detection, and response – because it’s no longer a question of if, it’s when. Take the steps to be proactive, now, to help improve your organization’s cyberresiliency – which could ultimately minimize risk and costs when there is an incident.

In this webinar, you should learn:

  • What the current landscape of ransomware threats looks like and what risks they pose to your systems
  • Strategies that will help prevent and/or minimize the damage and costs related to an attack
  • What you need to do to detect and respond to an attack
  • How to accelerate your threat-detection response capabilities

View a live 10-minute demo of the Crowe MDR solution after the webinar.

Who should participate

Chief information security officers (CISOs), heads of security, security operations managers, enterprise risk management (ERM) personnel, and those with equivalent titles


  • Glen Combs, partner
  • Kiel Murray, senior manager

Contact information

For more information, please contact Jon Losey.

*Source: Steve Morgan, "Global Cybercrime Damages Predicted To Reach $6 Trillion By 2021," Cybercrime Magazine, Dec. 7, 2018, https://cybersecurityventures.com/cybercrime-damages-6-trillion-by-2021/


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