Demystifying the public sector internal audit function

Demystifying the public sector internal audit function

Location: Webinar
Start date:

5/23/2024 1:00 PM Eastern

End date:

5/23/2024 2:30 PM Eastern

Services: Consulting
Industries: Public Sector

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Demystifying the public sector internal audit function

Event details

In this webinar, a panel of industry specialists will discuss and compare different components of the public sector audit profession.

By gaining a better understanding of various offerings and differing roles, public sector entities can improve their ability to work together, better achieve critical outcomes, maintain independence, and increase their professional value.

The panelists will dive into questions that public sector auditors encounter, including how they maintain independence and conform to standards. They’ll also explore how auditors, inspectors, and other related specialists can work together to achieve the overall objectives of an organization.

Learning objectives for the event include:

  • Discussing methods for achieving objectivity and independence with various governmental organization structures and how to comply with professional standards, including the International Professional Practices Framework and government auditing standards
  • Describing the differences between internal and external audit in the public sector and why this distinction is important
  • Identifying types of positions in the public sector, how they are similar yet different (such as inspector general and internal auditors), and how people in these positions can work together to achieve organizational objectives
  • Comparing and contrasting options for staffing internal audit within a public sector organization (such as in-house, co-sourced, and outsourced) and the potential impacts of each, including how these models might help maintain independence or provide greater assurances on services
  • Assessing the types of services provided and standards followed by various types of audit or inspector positions (such as investigations, assurance engagements, performance audits, and advisory services)

Continuing professional education

Advance preparation: None

Delivery method: Webinar (group internet based)

Field of study: Specialized knowledge

This session is recommended for 1.5 hours of CPE credit.

Note: All participants MUST be logged into the webinar INDIVIDUALLY to receive CPE credit. CPE credit will only be granted in the name of the individual logged into the LIVE presentation. Crowe is unable to grant CPE credit for groups viewing the webinar or for viewing on-demand recordings of the webinar.

There is no registration fee for participating in this webinar; therefore, there is no cancellation fee.

Additional CPE information

Who should attend

Chief audit executives, auditors general, inspectors general, audit directors, audit managers, and related personnel in the public sector


Pamela J. Stroebel Powers
Director, Professional Guidance, Public Sector, The Institute of Internal Auditors


Mark Maraccini
Partner, Public Sector Consulting, Crowe

Michael F. Bingham, CPA
Assistant Director, Financial Management & Assurance U.S. Government Accountability Office

Harriet Richardson
Retired Inspector General, San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District

Additional information

For additional information, please contact Jonathan Losey.

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