Save time and resources by automating tasks and processes

Ryan Plourde
| 4/12/2021
Save time and resources by automating tasks and processes

Have you heard the phrase, “There’s an app for that”? Ordering groceries, reserving a vacation home, paying monthly bills, and even vacuuming your floors are just a few of the personal tasks that technology can automate.

In the business world, automation technology is showing us new ways to approach processes. Using the right applications can automate repeatable manual tasks and processes and free your team to pursue other valuable objectives.

Efficiency improvements and cost savings

Accenture, a Fortune 500 global services and consulting company, estimates that North American businesses stand to gain $140 billion in productivity improvements and cost savings by 2025 through automation technology.1 

Organizations of many types – including banks, insurance companies, and manufacturers – that embrace automation technology can realize significant efficiency and cost savings.

Reaping the benefits of automation technology

Automation enables various tasks and processes to be performed according to specified rules and policies. Newer automation platforms allow nontech users (aka “citizen developers”) to automate outdated or manually intensive processes.

In addition, automation technology offers other general benefits to organizations by:

  • Delivering the efficient digital experience that today's customers expect
  • Achieving operational agility that helps improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Performing tasks that most people don't want to do or are too busy to do – freeing them for more engaging and profitable pursuits

Here are four examples of how automation in the workplace has benefited our clients:

  1. An insurance company now sends automated yet highly personalized reminders to policyholders 90, 60, and 30 days ahead of their policy renewal date.
  2. A bank created an automation script that runs at specified times to archive large files of supporting loan documentation submitted by potential borrowers.
  3. A manufacturer created a chatbot to answer basic product questions, allowing them to enhance their customer service.
  4. Another bank created an automated script that sends notifications to relationship managers if their online banking customers haven't logged on for two consecutive months.

The Microsoft Power Platform is a prime example of an automation platform that helps people turn great ideas into impactful solutions. At Crowe, we build on the Power Platform to create innovative solutions that help open clients’ eyes to the possibilities within their organization.

Have a question or interested in evaluating how Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform can help automate your business operations?

Setting a course for success

Crowe is dedicated to helping clients start on the journey into automation. Most organizations benefit greatly from a qualified resource that can confirm they are on the right path.

Most often, our support involves addressing an initial problem; then, operations can be moved in-house over time with some training and mentoring. Think about it like this: “Give a business some fish, and you feed it for a day; teach a business to fish using the Power Platform, and you feed it for a lifetime.”

Crowe technology professionals have the expertise and experience to help organizations meet big challenges. Crowe consultants can help management:

  • Objectively assess existing work processes
  • Compare organizational performance to best practices and benchmarks
  • Identify which activities contribute to or detract from customer satisfaction
  • Assess workflows, job and department roles, internal controls, and the efficiency of an organization's current technology

Our team can help you use the Microsoft Power Platform along with Microsoft Dynamics™ 365 to simplify your business and drive productivity.

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1 “Financial Services Companies Could Generate $140 Billion in Productivity Gains and Savings by Modernizing Workforce Technologies, Accenture Study Finds,” Accenture news release, Dec. 12, 2019,

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