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While it is the definitive objective of most businesses, growth can often be a turbulent process. One of the hallmark frontiers that Canadian companies must confront when expanding is crossing the southern border and establishing oneself in the United States. At the same time, American workers come here and must grapple with corresponding both tax systems. Crowe BGK recognizes the pressing implications involved in our largest trading partner’s tax system which is why we have an established U.S. Tax Department that specializes in all matters of U.S. taxation.

Adept in federal, state and local tax, our seasoned professionals can help you or your enterprise understand, critically strategize and execute operations both within and outside of the United States. With extensive experience guiding clients through joint ventures, transfer pricing, R&D and other tax credits, sales and use tax, and foreign ownership of U.S. real property, the U.S. Tax Department’s capabilities go far beyond corporate and personal US tax filings.

Our professionals are always up to date on shifting regulations that could impact your business like the reformed U.S. tax regime, new Estate Tax legislation, critical tariff updates and the Canada U.S. Tax Treaty. On top of that, our CPAs are certified to negotiate with both American and Canadian taxation authorities concerning any kind of tax controversy.

As an affiliate of Crowe Global, Crowe BGK’s U.S. Tax Department has worldwide outreach. We can rely on the support of experts in the United States for highly specialized material.

Use the comprehensive support of Crowe BGK’s professionals to safeguard your success in the United States.

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Paul Garellek
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