Welcome Mehta Koppes! - Crowe BGK

Welcome Mehta Koppes!

Welcome Mehta Koppes! - Crowe BGK

We are pleased to officially welcome the team from Mehta Koppes! Mehta Koppes is a local Montreal accounting firm merging with Crowe BGK and joins our firm today! Please join us in welcoming:

  • Puneet Mehta, Partner (Team C)
  • Rosamaria Koppes, Partner (Team C)
  • Charla McDonald, Manager (Team C)
  • Carole Mark, Bookkeeper (Team C)
  • Sandra Walsh, Administrative Assistant (Team C)

Last week, boxes were seen arriving and being unpacked as their team wanted to be ready to hit the floor running on day 1 as part of Crowe BGK. We want to thank the Crowe BGK staff who helped Rosamaria, Puneet and the team get settled in anticipation of today! Since their inception in 1990, Mehta Koppes has been offering an individualized approach to their long-standing clients in various industries while sharing similar values that Crowe BGK takes pride in.