It's not a one-person job

Is your company the subject of a takeover bid or are you looking to launch a takeover yourself? Be sure you know what you're doing, because there is a great deal at stake. Far from being a simple process, a takeover involves many unknown factors and elements. In fact, the job is so complex that we call together a range of in-house experts to focus on financing, tax implications, HR and the bookkeeping. In other words, we cover all the risks that could arise.

If you want to launch a takeover

Then you naturally want to be very certain that you're taking over is not (unexpectedly) in dire straits. We will perform the necessary due diligence on your behalf so that you can watch your company grow with a peace of mind. And after that we will also assist you to integrate the takeover into your current position.

In real terms this means we assist with:

  • guidance during the takeover talks
  • a due diligence inspection of the takeover target (taxes, financial, social and legal)
  • the correct documents containing all the agreements reached by the parties
  • rolling out the integration plan after the takeover is completed

Thanks to this back-up you will know exactly whether or not the takeover target is a suitable one and it can be smoothly integrated with your company.

If you are the target takeover

We help to secure your interests during the negotiations. We can do this by consulting with you on your financial worth or by finding a win-win situation for both you and the acquiring party.

Make a well-thought out decision and receive advice on:

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"Thorough, expert and multidisciplinary preparation is a prerequisite for the success of any business takeover"

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