Corporate Finance

Selling your company, taking over a business or making major investments are important strategic decisions. Our experts are there to help you!

Corporate Finance

Financial planning

Financing is crucial throughout the life of your business, whether for growth, acquisitions, expansions or recovery plans. Our advisers are on hand to thoroughly analyse your figures, determine which financing options best suit your business and your current situation, and draw up an investment plan on that basis.

Business valuation

Are you going to take over a business or do you wish to sell your business yourself? An objective and correct valuation of a company determines a successful sale or takeover. The value of a company is determined by several facets, both financial and non-financial (e.g. sector, product, business model, ...). With the valuation, our advisers not only provide an overall picture of all facets that help determine the value of a company, but also financial insights and transparency into the company. In addition, our experts give you expert advice on how to maximise the value of your company.


Assistance with selling a business

Have you decided to sell your business or, as a family business, want to leave your business to the next generation? Our team of experts will guide you through every step of this complex transaction process and provide you with the necessary advice and insight.

Assistance with company takeovers

Acquisition transactions are a complex business: there are numerous risks involved, whether financial, fiscal, legal or commercial. Our experts identify all possible risks and provide you with an analysis of those risks during the negotiation period and come up with appropriate solutions and advice so that you can realise your growth ambitions.