Luis Hernandez

Luis Hernández

Manager Advisory
Crowe Andorra
Manager Advisory
Academic Background
Mr. Hernández holds a degree in Law from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), and has a Master's in Digital Law and Information Society from the University of Barcelona (UB).
Professional Experience

He started his professional career as a collaborator in different multi-sector companies in 2013, having provided his services as a professional in the banking sector in Spain.

Accumulates solid professional experience in different sectors, providing services as a consultant and reviewer in Money Laundering Prevention. Because of the above, he has experience carrying out implementations and adaptation processes of national and international regulations in this matter. He has actively participated in regulatory compliance projects for private entities, specializing in the banking sector.

However, he has experience providing services as a consultant in Personal Data Protection, having carried out implementations and revisions, as well as digitization processes.
Along with the above, he has experience leading training in the field of Prevention of Money Laundering, Data Protection, Cybersecurity and Blockchain.

In 2017, he joined Crowe Andorra, where he is currently Manager of the Advisory Department.

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  • Spanish
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