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Crowe HSY Management Consultancy Services
Crowe HSY Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy in Turkey

Strategic and Organizational Structuring Services

• Determination and evaluation of the market, credit risk and operational risks of the companies.
• Development cash management models to improve its cash flow.
• Development of capital management models.
• Examination of financial operations; evaluation of current structures and procedures in terms of cost and benefit.
• Establishing company constitutions.
• Preparation of strategic plan.

Income Increase and Cost Reduction Processes

• To develop current business models and to structure in accordance with the models which developed the organization.
• Portfolio analysis of product or services.
• Analysis and review of pricing models, selecting the most appropriate strategies to increase revenue and profitability.
• To develop pricing models (before and after tax) by using advanced analytical methods to maximize revenue generation.
• Design sales trainings that will reinforce the culture and values of the organization and create effective sales and customer management capabilities.
• Analysis of resource requirements and ways to manage a limited number of human resources in an optimized way.
• Supporting product flow from seller to customer and development of the supply chain, evaluation of the supply chain strategy.
• Improving procurement processes through optimization, redesign of the organization and reduction of working capital needs.
• To reduce operating costs and increase profitability.
• To identify the requirements for determining the optimum inventory level, constituting an effective distribution network, establishing the right communication with suppliers and contractors.
• Providing a support to create an effective distribution network.
• Analysis and development of various logistic models.
• Designing cost models that provide maximum profitability.
• Examination of the overhead expense structure of companies and their organization.
Management of Sales and Marketing Processes

• To make market analyzes and to predict market potential, to develop brand strategies.
• Performing the most appropriate product market positioning to maximize the revenue potential by reviewing the company's product portfolio.
• To make a survey of market/customer
• Identifying target segments and target groups.
• To create segmentation models, to identify key features for each segment, and to determine the segment's wishes and needs.
• To prepare competition analyses
• To analyze and review pricing models, to select the most appropriate strategies to increase revenue and profitability.
• To increase the effectiveness of marketing investments by identifying the needs and benefits of marketing investments.
• To make product strategies in parallel with channel strategies, to analyze the operating costs of each distribution channel in the market, and to evaluate the correct pricing of products or services within these channels.
• To identify the right combination of distribution channels to ensure the successful delivery of a new product or service to the market.
• To develop a consistent and sustainable sales process to create an effective sales force. To define, create and implement performance measurement criteria for the sales team.
Institutionalization and Management

We are always at your service with our expert personnel to advance your company and make it more competitive.


• To determine critical performance indicators of companies; to identify and test the strategy, vision, and mission of the organization and business unit with the specified indicators.
• To determine strategic investment decisions.
• To create strategies for market entry, new product development, branding, distribution and customer service.
• Market research - Market entry strategy - Choosing a new business model for market entry - Analysis of market entry alternatives.
• Industry and competition analysis (Industry Regulations and Taxation).
• To establish and improve the key performance indicators that add value in the company's operation.
• To present solutions for the establishment and maintenance of corporate training programs.
• To design and implement an effective, efficient process, and subsequent performance reporting system.