Tax Services in Turkey

Tax Services

Crowe HSY provides its customers with the highest level of support for the efficient evaluation of the resources they have.
Tax Audit
Crowe HSY Tax Services

Tax Services

Tax Compliance Services 

Crowe HSY carries out audit of financial statements related to statutory books and documents within the framework of current tax legislation and uniform chart of accounts.

Within the context of these services;

• Determination of corporate tax base compliance with the legislation and Confirmation of corporate tax return by Certified Public Accountants,
• Correction of accounting and tax errors detected during the audit and the elimination of major penal obligations that may arise from uncorrected such errors within its term,
• Checking the compliance of the quarterly provisional tax returns with the legislation,
• Arranging related reports and their operations are included.
VAT Refund Services
In order to determine the value added tax that must be returned to the companies within the scope of the VAT Refund Services, to write the return reports for the return of the value added tax return, to make the necessary sub-firm and counter-examinations for the writing of the reports, and to follow up the processes by the tax office to finalize the written reports; It ensures that VAT refunds, deduction or settlement of collaterals are performed as soon as possible.


• In the Value Added Tax Law, the issuance of the CPA-in sworn reports required for the withdrawal of the VAT in the domestic transactions made within the scope of the transaction permit within the scope of the transaction permits
• Arranging CPA in Sworn reports, because of sub-firm examinations and cross audit.
• Arranging the relations between taxpayer and tax authority within the frame of adjustments which is required by legislation and tax administration during the process of VAT refund.
• Arranging the reports of the CPA which are required for the refund and offset transactions on time.
• Providing consultancy services for the solution of problems related to VAT refund and offset transactions of companies.
Tax and Fiscal Law Services

Crowe HSY provides its customers with the highest level of support for the efficient evaluation of the resources they have, with the expert personnel who follow the recent changes closely and who are in compliance with the tax legislation that is becoming increasingly complicated in the globalized world.
Tax Consultancy Services

  • Tax and Accounting Consultancy
  • Support Services in Tax Disputes
  • Individual Tax Consultancy
  • Investment and Tax Planning
  • International Tax Consultancy
  • Consultancy on Foreign Trade, Customs and Indirect Taxes
  • Consultancy on The Merger, Purchasing, Division, Liquidation, and Change of The Kind
  • Fiscal Law Services
  • Consultancy related to Tax Disputes and Tax Litigation 
  • Representation of Taxpayers in Reconciliation Commissions