First Aid for the employers in times of coronavirus

The anti-crisis shield has introduced a number of solutions to support small, medium and large-sized companies. Which elements of this package may your company take advantage of and how to obtain such assistance?

Service Description

We offer individual consultations under which our experts will analyse the situation of your company and help you to choose the anti-crisis shield solutions tailored to the specifics of your business:
  • What is the extent within which your company can take advantage of the anti-crisis shield?
  • What conditions must be met?
  • Which governmental support is right for you and how to apply for it?

Consultation Includes

  • a telephone conversation with a tax advisor and a lawyer
  • joint analysis of the company's situation
  • a report summarizing the findings and possible solutions

We also offer support in drafting applications for:

  • state support
  • exemption / deferment of social security and health contributions
  • exemption / deferment / distribution into instalments of PIT, CIT, VAT and property tax

Our Experts

Our team consists of experts with many years of experience in the area of tax law, labour law and commercial law. Our advantage is our vast experience in cooperation with clients from various
industries, operating both on the Slovak and international market. We work for companies of all sizes, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations



Business Support Package