Amendment of the Commercial Code and extention of the financial compensation

On 1 October 2020, the amendment of the Commercial Code, which brings several changes for commercial companies, comes into force. One of the changes is the tightening of the obligation to place and save financial statements in the Commercial Register's collection of documents.

So far it was in force, that if a company has not entered its financial statements in the register for at least two consecutive fiscal years, the company exposed itself to a risk of dissolution. From 1 October 2020 this obligation shall be tightened.

If a company does not comply with the obligation to enter its financial statements in the register in due time (within the nine months from the date on which the financial statements were drawn up) and is more than six months late, i.e. it will not enter the statements in the collection of documents within fifteen months, the court shall decide on dissolution of the company, even without the proposal.

Extension of provision of financial compensation

Government of Slovak Republic approved a proposal to extend the period of implementation of the project to support the maintenance of employment at a time of declared emergency situation and elimination of its consequences, i.e. continuation in provision of  financial compensation to employers and self-employed persons affected by the emergency situation until the end of 2020.

Accounting and Reporting