Crowe Poland / Czech Republic / Slovakia - information on business continuity

Over the last few days, the number of reported cases of coronavirus infections in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia has continued to increase. Out of concern for the safety of our employees and in order to ensure the continuity of our clients' processes, we have implemented a business continuity plan, which has allowed us to maintain seamless operations across all our offices.

At present, all our services are performed without any interruption and in compliance with our security policy.

The actions that we have implemented so far include:

  • introduction of remote work for most of our team,
  • maintaining safety procedures for employees working remotely,
  • the introduction of electronic document circulation,
  • cancellation of all business trips and introduction of tele- and videoconferences,
  • implementation of special health and safety procedures for those limited staff who may at times attend our offices,
  • cancellation of all planned events that do not take place online.

For our clients, we have also prepared a special package of services to assist with business security and continuity during the coronavirus pandemic: LINK

 If you have any questions about how we can support you in relation to the current situation, we are at your disposal at [email protected]