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E-commerce Webinar Trilogy

Slovakia: Online Webinar
Start date:

2/28/2023 3:00 PM

End date:

3/2/2023 3:00 PM

crowe e-commerce webinbar
E-Commerce in UK & EU

Services: Tax, Advisory, Audit

Join us for a live, free of charge, three-part webinar series "E-commerce in UK & EU".

Crowe experts from UK and EU will discuss the know-how gained from experience in helping e-commerce clients. Topics will include EU e-commerce rules, UK Customs implications, UK and EU rules for platform trading and more and are suitable for e-commerce, tax and customs professionals.

You can join all three webinars or choose one or two of the focused 45 minutes sessions. Our experts will try answer audience questions, and all unanswered questions will receive a written reply after the webinar.

Webinars are in English and each session duration is 45 minutes.


February 28, 15:00 CET

EU E-commerce and stock movement

Movement of stock between countries and parties means multiple compliance items in multiple countries. This webinar will focus on moving stock from one EU country to another EU country. Such movement may be invoked by yourself, your 3PL partner or your platform partner. The webinar will also discuss available simplifications.


Rendall Hofman, Indirect Tax Partner, Crowe Foederer

Peter Empsten, Tax Partner, Crowe Belgium

Peter Van de Heuvel, Bleckmann

March 1, 15:00 CET

Customs implications for e-commerce retailers

Importing goods into the EU and the UK involves managing VAT and Customs obligations. This again means a lot of compliance and documentation. This webinar will focus on EU and UK rules in relation to the importation of goods. It will also discuss simplifications that can be used.Webinar topics will include:

•    Managing the UK's new Customs and import VAT challenges since Brexit
•    Tariffs, PIVA, CDS migration, low value import VAT rules
•    Options for supply chains into the UK and pan EU


Rob Janering, VAT Partner, Crowe UK

Jamie Mcleod, Senior manager Customs, Crowe UK

Tessa Hendriksen, Customs senior, Crowe Foederer

March 2, 15:00 CET

EU rules for platform trading

Many businesses supply their customers via a platform. This opens a larger market, however also creates more compliance. EU regulators try to shift the burden and tax liability to the platforms. This again creates compliance processes for both platforms and platform users. The webinar will cover both existing and new rules.  


Peter Empsten, Tax Partner, Crowe Belgium

Bart Matthijssen, Indirect Tax Manager, Crowe Foederer

Rendall Hofman, Indirect Tax Partner, Crowe Foederer