See how Crowe and Mendix can help build the app you need.

You can mold apps to your people’s needs without high coding complexity

Digital transformation is most effective when organizations use solutions that align with their unique requirements, objectives, and processes. Enterprise apps created with the Mendix low-code development platform can provide tailored, comprehensive capabilities, outstanding user experience, and automation that can revolutionize operations.

Mendix provides a single-platform approach to many types of software problems and an all-in-one foundation for developing, modernizing, and scaling your organization's applications.

Mendix-developed apps can:

  • Increase development velocity
  • Modernize and mobilize user experience
  • Possess cloud-native portability and scalability
  • Streamline and automate manual processes
  • Integrate with third-party tools
  • Quickly retrieve, monitor, and visualize data
  • Be extended and tailored as organizations evolve
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Crowe understands Mendix and how it can be used to efficiently solve your business needs

Crowe specialists, in our alliance with Mendix, have helped clients develop apps to fit unique needs. We’ve also used Mendix to build solutions such as Crowe Risk and Performance Monitoring for Privacy that provide efficient solutions where other technologies couldn’t. With foundations in both development and consulting, Crowe can help your organization use technology to operational advantage.

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