Fighting financial crime isn’t easy. But it can be more manageable with the right analytics.

If you’re concerned about the quality of data you’re feeding your financial crime programs, you’re not alone. Many organizations aren’t sure they’re getting an accurate picture because their systems are disjointed and data is difficult to access.

You need to have a lot of elements in place to get good data. Financial crime knowledge. Proficiency with regulations. Strong data science, automation, and financial crime analytics capabilities. We've got you covered on all of it.

Address your risks more quickly than you think.

It’s important to get financial crime analytics right from a regulatory and business perspective. Mistakes can be costly.

Our understanding of financial crime allows us to get up to speed on your issues quickly.

And by applying data science and other advanced analytical techniques, we can improve the quality of your financial crime data – and then leverage it for insight and foresight for your financial crime program.

Put your financial crime analytics into sharper focus.

Getting the right data from your financial crime analytics programs is one thing. Using that data to drive smarter business decisions is another.

It's possible to get more insight into your day-to-day operations and risks. But it takes more than having the right technology in place.

Our financial crime analytics solutions can bring new clarity to your program by adding key insights and revealing emerging risks.

We’ll help you establish consistency with program governance and methodologies so that you can get more out of your financial crime data.

Imagine having financial crime analytics that make you more informed.

You want to have confidence that you’re making the right decisions as you fight financial crime.

We want to help you get there.

We don’t just get your financial crime data more efficiently. We also translate that data to help drive smart decisions – and improve the quality of information you report to regulators and law enforcement.

Benefit from a smarter approach to financial crime analytics.

You can get a better handle on where the risks are – and how to address them – with our solutions.

Financial crime analytics suite
Bring insight and foresight to your program by monitoring the most relevant KPIs and KRIs.
Financial crime analytics suite
Event triage
Use analytics to focus on anomalous events in your transaction monitoring program.
Event triage
Financial crime system optimization
Develop and execute an ongoing optimization program for all your financial crime models.
Financial crime system optimization
Quantexa implementation services
Bring in entity resolution and network generation capabilities to better ID suspicious activity.
Quantexa implementation services

We’ll guide you through the financial crime terrain – threats, regulations, and technologies.

We have decades of experience fighting financial crime. And we’ve invested heavily in data science and software development.

Our combination of hands-on expertise and advanced technology has helped a range of clients address challenges in financial crime analytics.

We’re ready to help you get clarity, too. Contact us to see why 98% of our surveyed financial crime clients say we’re “exceptionally responsive.”