Employee benefit plan audit

Employee benefit plan audit

Get a high-quality employee benefit plan audit on time – and with minimal disruption

The annual audit of your employee benefit plan may be unavoidable, but upheaval and resource burdens need not be. Our experienced team knows how to meet deadlines and deliver high-quality audits, even for the most complex plans.

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Benefit plan audit

Our national team of dedicated benefit plan audit specialists offer:

  • Experienced professionals with deep expertise
  • Detailed project road maps that emphasize planning and efficiency
  • Benefit plan audits completed well before regulatory deadlines
  • Nationwide service
  • Effective project management and real-time updates via the [CiRT® solution], our secure, cloud-based proprietary technology

When it comes to employee benefit plan auditing, experience counts

Most CPA firms audit fewer than 100 benefit plans annually, which can cause problems ranging from higher deficiency rates to unnecessary delays.

The annual audit of your employee benefit plan might be unavoidable, but it doesn’t have to be a drawn-out, anxiety-inducing process. At Crowe, our experienced specialists have decades of experience with benefit plan audits, and they understand the intricacies and issues involved.

The more complexity and number of plans you have, the more Crowe stands apart from other accounting firms

When working with clients on benefit plan audits, our goals are to exchange information efficiently, minimize interruptions for staff, and be mutually accountable for achieving audit milestone dates.

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With nationwide service and effective project management, our dedicated specialists work to complete your employee benefit plan audit on time and with minimal disruption. Contact us today.
John Czarnecki
John Czarnecki
Partner, Benefit Plan Audit Services Leader