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How to get on top of going concern assessment during COVID-19
Understand why the financial reporting steps for going concern are more important than ever.

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Accounting for government assistance
The Paycheck Protection Program process is constantly changing and can be confusing. Access our PPP consulting services and borrower and loan forgiveness tools for lenders.
Accounting for government assistance
Has the current environment triggered a need for your company to test goodwill for asset impairment? We can help you identify recoverable amounts, calculate carrying values, and prepare disclosure statements.
Contract modifications
Whether you’re a borrower or a lender, we can help you address financial reporting implications of any loan modifications your company might have made during COVID-19.
Contract modifications

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  • Steve Schumacher can answer your questions about asset impairment­.
  • Sean Prince can consult about accounting for government assistance and financial reporting implications of debt modification­.
  • Andrea Meinardi can respond to a wide range of other financial reporting questions.