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Meal tickets worth 100 lei will be granted to persons who are fully vaccinated

References: ORDINANCE no. 19 of August 30th 2021

Crowe Romania

The persons who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 benefit from a food allowance equal to 100 lei, in the form of hard copy meal tickets, which have the physical and value characteristics stipulated at chapter II - Meal tickets of Law no. 165/2018 on granting value tickets, with the further amendments and completions.

The tickets can be issued without the personal data of the beneficiaries, as this information can be filled in when the tickets are distributed.

The expenses related to these tickets are borne from the budget of the Ministry of Health.

The food allowance, in the form of meal tickets, represents non-taxable income for natural persons, according to art. 62 lett. a) of Law no. 227/2015 concerning the Tax Code, with the further amendments and completions.

The meal tickets are purchased by the county and Bucharest municipality public health departments, in compliance with the provisions of Law no. 98/2016 regarding public acquisitions, with the further amendments and completions and are distributed to the vaccination centres, family physician practices, specialised ambulatories, under the conditions established by order of the Minister of Health.

Within 45 days from the entry into force of Ordinance no. 19/2021, the Ministry of Health will elaborate enforcement guidelines for applying the aforementioned provisions, included at art. 21 index 2 of LAW no. 55 of May 15th 2020 concerning certain measures for preventing and fighting against the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.