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Crowe Romania is a member of Crowe, a global network of consulting, auditing and accounting, developed to support companies that make cross-border commitments. Listed in the top 10 specialized networks worldwide, with over 33,000 professionals grouped in 750 locations, Crowe offers detailed and transparent expertise in over 130 countries worldwide.

Part of the international professional network, the company has unlimited access to information, thus ensuring the support and expertise of professionals from all over the world in the effort to find the best solutions for its clients. As an independent member of Crowe, the company operates on the basis of a common set of core values, committing itself to providing impeccable services, at international quality standards, for all customers, regardless of their location.
Each company is established as a leader in its business community through local staff. Thus, Crowe offers clients global coverage combined with local expertise, building an international reputation in the field of audit services, fees and consulting services.

Crowe Romania History 

FiNEXPERT - one of the largest Romanian professional services companies providing integrated accounting, payroll, audit & consulting and tax & corporate services - and BOSCOLO - an international consulting, accounting, payroll and audit company, established in Romania in 1994, with offices in Bucharest, Timisoara and Cluj, member of the Crowe Global network since 2016 - merges under one name: Crowe Romania. The merger places Crowe Romania on the number 6 position nationally in the top consulting, accounting and auditing companies, according to turnover (approximately € 9 million).

1994 - opening of the first office in Bucharest, which also became the headquarters of Crowe Romania

1999 - the office in Timisoara is inaugurated for the noticeably growing local local market of the country

2003 - The beginnings of FiNEXPERT. Manuela Furdui lays the foundations of the first FiNEXPERT office

2005 - establishment of the third office, in Cluj - Napoca, in order to cover the requirements at national level, FiNEXPERT starts a partnership with Fincont

2009 - FiNEXPERT and Fincont merge

2016 Boscolo joins Crowe Romania

2019 Cialt joins FiNEXPERT

2020 - FiNEXPERT &BOSCOLO merge, thus becoming Crowe Romania