Discover high-quality assitance in tax!

Correct, predictable and legally timely planning of all tax obligations in any business, with Crowe Romania.

Proper planning and a permanent support service are the only way to address the most important elements of your professional activity, particularly in tax.

Taxes are challenging for the development of entrepreneurial activities due to continuous legislative changes.

With over 20 years of experience, the Tax Department at Crowe Romania offers specialist support throughout the investment and entrepreneurial process, providing responsive and effective solutions to our customers.

Our team expertise provides integrated consulting services to companies for complex activities such as tax planning and repetitive phases - which include building the right strategies for better compliance and efficient management of tax.

We are also providing assistance during the preparatory processes specific to the period prior to the audit conducted by the tax authorities or the start of a new investigation.

Crowe Romania has access to the Crowe Global Professional Network cross border resources provided to its customers through the "Transfer Pricing" and "Expatriate Tax" services, to rigorously comply with international requirements.



It is certain that VAT requires a coherent approach strategy in order not to increase a company's tax exposure. Crowe Romania professionals offer practical advice and expert consultancy to solve VAT problems and adapt to the latest legislative changes.

Indirect Tax

Indirect taxes can be a third of a company's turnover, which is why we have developed a range of services based on the complex understanding of many industry sectors and the technical knowledge we have gained so far. Thus, we come to support our customers in terms of paying indirect taxes, reducing tax risks and identifying new opportunities.

Tax Advice

Tax changes in Romania generates numerous risks for companies. That is why our consultants are applying a holistic approach, tailored to the various tax jurisdictions, to help customers correctly determine the value of taxes and fees, verify the status of accounts, and identify the existing legislation.

Tax Disputes

Our tax dispute resolution specialists are constantly anticipating the risks and identifying the most appropriate solutions for solving possible situations with state authorities. Whether it's corporate tax, income tax, or transfer pricing, we are alongside our customers throughout the deal.

Expatriate tax advice

Changes in the current economic environment generate many challenges in terms of international taxation for companies operating in the country. That's why Crowe Romania's professionals help managers identify business strategies tailored to national and international tax systems to improve cash flow and increase shareholder value.

Transfer Pricing

Our consultants are dedicated to the rigorous approach of transfer pricing policy in order to efficiently manage fiscal obligations and taxpayer planning elements. Having international expertise, they apply a multidisciplinary transfer pricing management strategy so that customers meet all legal requirements.

Assistance during Tax Investigations

Adopting a transparent tax position by the companies in our portfolio generates a large number of financial opportunities. This is the reason we believe that assistance during tax assessment and control processes is not just an ordinary activity, but a perfect opportunity to improve them in order to meet national and international compliance obligations.

Tax Compliance Support

We understand the complexity of the business environment, which is why we have developed a comprehensive tax compliance management service focused on a consistent approach to our customers' needs. Thus, they benefit from the full support they need to design, implement, and manage the tax compliance process.

Tax Due Diligence

Having significant experience in Tax Due Diligence, our specialists identify the key aspects of the transaction and develop the best management strategy for all the items involved. Understanding stake, choosing the right moment, and managing risk carefully transforms mergers and acquisitions into successful business deals for Crowe Romania’s clients.

Tax Review

Used as an additional tool for tax risk control, tax revision helps companies optimize total costs, identify fiscal risk areas, and diminish the likelihood of financial exposure. Our approach in this regard focuses on understanding the factors of influence in our clients' activity and maximizing the benefits that result from this process.

Tax Planning

Strategic thinking and the ability of our consultants to anticipate possible tax risks helps them develop a rigorous planning of customer taxes and duties. This practice generates added value for each client in the portfolio and responds to its specific needs.