Newsletter 5/2020 – Paid days off for parents when schools are closed

Newsletter 5/2020 – Paid days off for parents when schools are closed

References: Law 19/2020

Newsletter 5/2020 – Paid days off for parents when schools are closed

In the Official Gazette no. 209 from March 14, 2020 was published Law 19/2020 for granting parents paid days off for the supervision of children, in the situation of temporary closure of the educational facilities. We present below the main provisions of this law, adopted as a measure against Covid19 epidemic.



Conditions for granting paid days off

Temporary closure of the schools where children are enrolled;

Children are under 12 years old or under 18 years old for children with disabilities;

None of the parents can work from home.



Only one of the parents can benefit from this regulation. The respective parent will submit a request with his employer along with an affidavit from the other parent that he did not request days off under this law and that his workplace does not allow work from home.

It is also considered a parent the individual in a single-parent family, the legal representative of the child, as well as any person designated, according to the law, to exercise the rights and fulfill the parental obligations towards the child.

Employees from the National Energy System, from operating units of the nuclear sectors, from continuous fire units, from health and social assistance units, telecommunications, public radio and television, rail transport, from the providers of public transport and sanitation services, as well as the gas, electricity, heat and water suppliers, may benefit from days off only with the prior consent of the employer.



The provisions are applicable for as long as the competent authorities decide to close the schools in question. The days off granted this way, will be mentioned separately in the employee’s monthly attendance tracking.


Payment amount

The allowance for each day off will amount to 75% of the gross salary corresponding to a working day, but no more than the daily amount corresponding to 75% of the national gross average wage (RON 5,429 for 2020).



Who bears the cost?

The allowance for each day off will be paid by the employer, to which the amount will be then paid back from the Guarantee Fund of the Wage Receivables.




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