Portfolio Analyzer for Sureties_Spotlight

New solution analyzes construction portfolio risk for sureties and agents

Crowe introduces the Crowe Portfolio Analyzer for Sureties and Agents solution

Portfolio Analyzer for Sureties_Spotlight

CHICAGO (Oct. 25, 2016) – Sureties and insurance agents with a construction bonding or contractor specialty face unique risk management challenges. To mitigate these risks, it’s critical that those charged with analyzing and monitoring customer data have complete and timely information for all the contractors in their portfolios. However, gathering and analyzing the necessary data can be extremely resource-intensive, especially when complex financial analysis is required. In response to these challenges, Crowe Horwath LLP, one of the largest public accounting, consulting and technology firms in the U.S., has developed the Crowe Portfolio Analyzer for Sureties and Agents solution.

The solution delivers comprehensive reporting about each contractor’s financial situation, while reducing manual data entry. Its analysis, reporting and benchmarking capabilities can enhance visibility across an entire portfolio of contractors.

“Crowe has decades of experience providing accounting and consulting services to construction companies, so we understand the complexities that impact the industry. We used that expertise to tailor the Crowe Portfolio Analyzer, our sophisticated portfolio credit risk platform, to better serve the sureties and agents that underwrite those construction firms,” said Larry Mackowiak, managing partner of Crowe construction and real estate services. “Our solution guides sureties to at-risk jobs by highlighting downward trending ratios, and it creates reports that can be shared directly with the contractors. This can help strengthen the surety-agent-contractor relationship and ultimately mitigate the construction risks that these groups share on a daily basis.”

The Crowe Portfolio Analyzer for Sureties and Agents solution provides effective risk monitoring and management through:

  • Automated work-in-process (WIP) analysis, including immediate exception reporting on at-risk jobs;
  • Instant calculation of profit fade analysis each month to evaluate developing patterns and trends;
  • A printable reporting package complete with financial statement and job schedule analysis and graphical visualizations;
  • Analysis of contractor performance against industry-specific peer data, including detailed trending of profitability, program and operational metrics;
  • Automatic recurring adjustments to provide visibility to the as-given and as-allowed values;
  • Contractor-specific dashboard reporting and analysis to aid in identification of trending risks;
  • Benchmark group opt-in capabilities to allow companies access to broader benchmarking data outside the portfolio; and
  • Portfolio-wide visibility and analysis of key trends to enhance the ability to monitor and react to risk.

For more information on the Crowe Portfolio Analyzer for Sureties and Agents solution, please visit www.crowehorwath.com/portfolioanalyzer-nr/.

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