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About Crowe Toyo & Co.

Akihisa Asakawa

Message from the Managing Partner

Caring and Sharing Value


The social mission of an audit corporation is to ensure the reliability of financial information. To accomplish this social mission, we place importance on our communication with clients. We always try to achieve mutual understanding with clients and never fail to care for them. Continuing with such an honest approach eventually leads to the mutual sharing of a sense of values. Sharing a sense of values prevents any clash of opinions with clients and helps us to achieve high-quality audits in a true sense. Consequently, it enables us to guarantee the reliability of financial information.


The sole asset of an audit corporation is its human resources. We, certified public accountants, are required not just to know about accounting and auditing but also to be strongly committed and persistent in the pursuit of our social mission to ensure the reliability of financial information. The kind of audit corporation we aim to be is one that develops enthusiastic and outstanding human resources and, by accomplishing our social mission, broadly contributes to society.


For that reason, we believe it is important to have close communication not only with clients, of course, but also among staff. Openness within an organization leads to good human relations and promotes the sharing of value based on accurate information. As can be seen nowadays in work-life balance and working style reforms, the world is changing and new ways of working are required. We already have a work format that values diverse ways of working, but going forward we will meet the need for even more flexible ways of working, as demanded by the times.


We endeavor to constantly care for and share value with our clients and staff. We will also continue to work tirelessly to accomplish our social mission of ensuring the reliability of financial information.
Akihisa Asakawa
Akihisa Asakawa
Managing Partner
Crowe Toyo & Co.
Firm Profile
Firm Profile

Foundation  (As of August, 2023)

Name Crowe Toyo & Co.
Establishment 1971
Issued Capital 295 million
Chairman Akihsia Asakawa


Firm History

January 1971 Established as Nitto Audit and Accounting office.
November 1981 Changed to Toyo & Co.
Opened Osaka and Nagoya Offices.
January 2005 Merged with Nishimura audit and accounting office.
October 2006 Merged with Toto Audit company.
July 2018 Became a member firm of Crowe Global.


The Number of Staff (As of June, 2023)

Partner  67              
Professional associates
  • CPA : 187
  • Junior Accountants : 72
  • Other staff : 22
Administrator 24
Total 372



Tokyo Office

Sumitomo Fudosan Kanda Bldg., 6th Floor
Kandamitoshirocho 7
Chiyoda-Ku Tokyo 101-0053 Japan
Telephone : +81-3-3295-1040
Facsimile : +81-3-3295-1993


  • 6 minute walk from Kanda Station in JR line
  • 2 minute walk from Shin-Ochanomizu station in Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line
  • 2 minute walk from Ogawamachi station in Toei Shinjuku line
  • 2 minute walk from Awajimachi station in Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line
  • 4 minute walk from Otemachi station in Toei Mita line,
  • Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line, Chiyoda line, Tozai line or Hanzomon line.
Osaka Office

Osaka Kokusai Building 19th Floor
2-3-13 Azuchimachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka
541-0052 Japan
Telephone : +81-6-6262-1040
Facsimile : +81-6-6262-1041


  • 5 minute walk from Honmachi station in Mido-suji line
  • 2 minute walk from Sakaisujihonmachi subway station in Sakaisuji line
Nagoya Office

Chitose Bldg. 5th Floor
4-26-13 Meieki Nakamura-Ku
Nagoya Aichi 450-0002 Japan
Telephone : +81-52-569-1456
Facsimile : +81-52-569-1457


  • 5 minute walk from Nagoya station in JR, Municipal Subway, Nagoya Railroad and Kinki railroad