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Audit & Assurance

Seasoned professionals with local experience and
a global network.

Is your audit provider delivering the audit value you deserve?

Your business needs local expertise in the global markets in which you operate.  You also need auditors and assurance providers with a strong international work. Crowe Japan provides both.

We are highly experienced, and senior personnel are significantly involved in all engagements. Understanding your business is important to us, and our reports reflect this understanding.



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Statutory and Non-Statutory Audit

With the audit manual and the global network of Crowe Global, we provide an array of high quality audit services. 
We emphasize our relationship and communication with our clients.  Understanding the business of our clients and its environment is the key to our audit.

  • Financial Instruments and Exchange Act audit
  • Companies Act audit
  • Incorporate educational institutions audit
  • Labor unions audit
  • Public interest corporation audit
  • Public sector audit
  • Audit over subsidiaries in Japan of foreign companies (compliance with audit instructions)
  • Other statutory and non-statutory audits



IFRS Audit

While yet many of Japanese companies adopt the accounting standards of Japan, global companies in Japan have started adopting the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).  In addition, often subsidiaries of foreign companies in Japan require preparation of their financial statements in accordance with IFRS for the purpose of group reporting.

Our professional team with the extensive experience as well as support from our global member firms conducts audit of the financial statements in accordance with IFRS.



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IPO Audit 

For IPO, you are required to have your financial statements audited for the last two fiscal years with the verification of the beginning balance of the fiscal years. If you plan for your IPO, you shall contact audit firms as soon as applicable.