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Derek Vargas, Tom Hoffman
Taking advantage of AI doesn’t require a technical overhaul to make significant differences for teams and customers. 

Taking advantage of AI doesn’t require a technical overhaul to make significant differences for teams and customers. 

When organizations discuss the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), a common question is what technology must be adopted to derive the most advantages from using it. It’s an interesting consideration, but it assumes that an organization needs to have an enterprise data warehouse or customer data platform or that it needs to build its own large language model (LLM) as an entry-level requirement for using its data with emerging solutions. However, a good entry point might already exist within an organization’s stack.

Increase the effectiveness of Salesforce solutions for your organization

Amid competition and fast-moving AI innovation, Salesforce® solutions offer a quick and effective starting line 

The marketplace is crowded with new AI offerings that promise to change every corner of a business. Like the shift to cloud computing at the end of 2000s, organizations run the risk of purchasing point solutions that add individual value but do not fit with their current platform strategy.

But anyone who uses Salesforce solutions can take advantage of AI capabilities right now. The Salesforce Einstein 1 Platform® can provide turnkey solutions that enhance employee, partner, and customer processes and experiences with a platform already at the center of an organization’s business. 

The Einstein 1 Platform can fill gaps, deliver value, and exceed customer expectations

The Einstein 1 Platform can fill gaps, deliver value, and exceed customer expectations 

With the Einstein 1 Platform, organizations can revolutionize or transform their business as part of a major reconstruction, adding their own LLMs, data warehouses, and other infrastructure. But on a more practical level, how can businesses use the Einstein 1 Platform to reap substantial benefits within existing products and processes?

Integrating this technology begins with assessing current processes and identifying areas where AI tools can enhance efficiency, accuracy, and overall experience. Following are questions to help get started:

Internal operations

  • Where do employees spend most of their time in Salesforce?
  • What takes a lot of time to access or process?
  • Which tasks require the most clicks or screen time to complete?
  • What work is occupying the most human time?
  • What actions do employees need the most help with?
External experiences
  • What customer interactions have the most touches or require the most time?
  • Where do customers experience friction getting information?
  • Which types of support have high wait times or long resolution times?
  • Do customers currently interact with chatbots? 
  • Does chatbot support directly address issues or only point toward resource pages, adding steps to a customer’s process and potentially leading to frustration and confusion?
  • What is the overall customer feedback regarding online and personal support?

Integrating the Einstein 1 Platform can improve interactions and experiences

The convenience and time-saving benefits of the Einstein 1 Platform can quickly add value for users and customers.

Everyday interactions are an excellent place to begin exploring for adoption of AI. The convenience and time-saving benefits of the Einstein 1 Platform can quickly add value for users and customers.

A common workflow-like service can demonstrate how Salesforce AI tools can transform the experience. Under a reimagined service experience with the Einstein 1 Platform:

  • Every customer interaction, either via email, phone, or chat, is evaluated to create new knowledge articles or update existing articles 
  • Einstein-created articles are automatically recommended to users based on case context, and they are locatable with natural language searching 
  • Service team members receive detailed summaries of cases with customer information from a simple prompt 
  • Agents get a jump-start with Einstein-generated replies to customers that are grounded in the context of the case, contact, and account 
  • Customers can interact with a knowledge-enabled chatbot, have a natural language conversation with knowledge articles, and more easily receive the answers they need without creating cases  

The Einstein 1 Platform enables processes that would otherwise demand more human time and effort. Without such a solution, customers could experience longer wait times and require more touches to find resolutions to their requests. When the proper AI tools are aligned with an organization’s workflows, employees have more opportunity to focus on higher-level tasks, and customer needs can be addressed more efficiently.

Safety and security are top priorities

Safety and security are top priorities

Privacy and data security are legitimate concerns. Any AI tool should not have access to a company’s information without leadership having a full understanding of that tool’s abilities, permissions, and other points of access.

The Einstein 1 Platform grounds prompts within the context of a Salesforce instance and other internal sources. Any data is masked before a prompt is sent to corresponding LLMs that have a zero-retention agreement with Salesforce. Other AI modes can’t use this information for training and the entire prompt is never saved within the LLM.

Einstein 1 Platform generations include a full audit trail and toxicity score that indicates how problematic or inaccurate results might be. But even with these controls and features, it is critical for humans to be fully involved via approvals, reviews, and tasks to verify results.

Crowe can help your company develop its AI playbook 

Crowe can help your company develop its AI playbook

The Einstein 1 Platform is available to every organization that uses Salesforce. The organizations that create a vision and strategy aligned with their processes, needs, and goals are poised to gain the most benefit from Salesforce AI solutions.

Crowe specialists work at the crossroads of Salesforce implementation and deep industry knowledge. We help companies identify the ways Salesforce AI solutions can best serve their needs and can help them adjust their long-term strategies for a future where AI might be required to remain competitive.  

Explore Salesforce optimizations beyond AI

Explore how the Einstein 1 Platform could add value to your operations

Reach out to our specialists to schedule a consultation on AI readiness, immediately effective use cases for AI, or the Salesforce AI landscape.
Derek Vargas
Derek Vargas
Principal, Consulting
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Tom Hoffman
Principal, Consulting

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