What the Fire Ignited:

How Life's Worst Helped Me Achieve My Best


When tragedy struck at the age of 8, a young boy’s life was changed forever. Burned over 65% of his body with his right arm melted to his side, Shay Eskew was told of the limitations that would lay ahead for him and what he could not do. The doctors didn’t know that the fire never went out for Shay but instead gave him passion, courage, and strength to overcome.

“I learned early on that I couldn’t control what happened to me, but I could control what I did about it,” says Shay. A proud father of five kids, Shay is a four-time Ironman, four-time member of Team USA, and is ranked in the top 1% of Ironman competitors worldwide. Oh yeah, he has competed in 12 triathlon world championships and, in his spare time, accumulated extensive experience in the healthcare profession, including revenue cycle management.

After attending this session, you should be able to:

  • Define strategies for identifying and overcoming obstacles in both your professional and personal life
  • Describe the benefit of adding obstacles and challenges to your daily routine to achieve growth
  • Assess how an attitude of gratitude can motivate you and your team through difficult times

Proving obstacles are just opportunities in disguise, Shay will share his journey, lessons learned, and how controlling your attitude can make the difference between being stuck or moving forward. Join us to hear his inspiring story, but more importantly, join us to find out how you can challenge yourself and ignite the winning fire within you.