Top 10 breaking developments in digital forensic investigations

Noel Kersh, Sheryl Falk, Chad Gough

As technology evolves at a breakneck pace, so do the methods and tools used in digital forensic investigations – how can you keep up? Our team of digital forensic specialists is here to help.

In this webinar, we explore the latest advancements that are revolutionizing forensic investigations and shaping the future of the field. Our team discusses the impact of remote work on forensic investigations, trade secret theft detection, technological advancements, the use of artificial intelligence, and more. Plus, we analyze how these developments affect state-of-the-art forensic investigations and highlight what’s on the horizon for the field. You won’t want to miss this roundtable discussion.

Presented by:

  • Noel Kersh, Principal, Digital Forensics Leader
  • Sheryl Falk, Principal, Advisory  
  • Chad Gough, Principal, Advisory

As a result of viewing in this event, you should be able to:  

  • Describe the top 10 breaking developments in forensic investigations 
  • Apply relevant developments to your forensic investigations
  • Identify what’s to come for forensics in 2024

Viewing the webinar recording does not qualify for CPE credit.

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