The critical role of internal audit in ESG

Chris McClure, Brian Nappi, Stefany Samp, Jameson DeMarco

Stay up to date on the latest environmental, social, and governance (ESG) developments during this webinar in which we cover important updates on regulatory trends, best practices, and key risk considerations in ESG reporting and strategy. Plus, we discuss emerging issues in ESG, including the growing importance of creating a cross-functional ESG team in your organization.

Chris McClure, partner and ESG services leader at Crowe, and other members of our integrated ESG team offer timely insights on pressing ESG matters and discuss the emerging roles they are seeing on ESG. They dive deep into the importance of internal audit (IA) in your ESG strategy and why you should get your IA team involved now.

After watching this session, you should be able to:

  • Provide updates on key regulations and market developments
  • Discuss the challenges and opportunities surrounding internal audit and ESG
  • Identify key resources around ESG strategy and Committee of Sponsoring Organizations frameworks
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Christopher McClure
Partner, ESG Services Leader