The Role of Privacy in Integrated Risk Management


All of us – regardless of the role we play in the organization where we work – have responsibility for complying with laws and regulations, and for maintaining the value of the organization’s brand. We work to create loyal customers for the organization. We also play a role, either obvious or not, in managing risk.

Risk management done well facilitates decision making across the organization. Leveraging the organization’s risk appetite and risk tolerance and using data to make sound ethical decisions increases the chance of personal and organizational success.

Personal data often plays a fundamental role in decisions made across the organization. Maintaining privacy-related obligations is critically important to both protect the rights of individual data subjects while moving business functions forward. Organizations often have a siloed approach to compliance, and functional silos can created many inefficiencies and challenges.

During this webinar, we will examine the principles that support risk management in a functionally integrated fashion. We will discuss ways to harmonize privacy and data protection requirements with the integrated risk management program to enable strong risk management, protection of data subjects, and ethical and valuable use of data to arm leaders to make smart decisions.

By attending this webinar, you should be able to:

  • Outline, the benefits organizations, are receiving through integrated risk management, embedded in enabling technologies, and its impact.
  • Describe common challenges and solutions when building an integrated risk management framework.
  • Articulate the interconnected nature of privacy and data protection and its cross-functional impact on risk management.
  • Benchmark your efforts to align privacy and data protection with integrated risk management efforts against leading practices.

Join us to hear how leading organizations are getting the most out of their risk management efforts.

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