Revenue integrity analytics: Going beyond insight into action

Shinal Patel, Andrew Sudimack, Malvika Ragavendran
| 3/2/2021

With the rise of big data in healthcare, industry professionals have access to more data and analytics than ever before. As a result of this proliferation, the central question for many revenue cycle and finance leaders has shifted from, “How do I get my data?” to, “What do I do with my data?”. The problem is not a lack of analytics, but rather a lack of cohesion and structure connecting these analytics and enabling them to facilitate timely and effective decision-making.

This webinar will explore the current state of dashboards and how new, logic-based approaches are helping to cut through the noise and generate actionable strategies for enhancing revenue integrity operations. This session will go beyond theory, with examinations of case studies and direct application of the principles being outlined.

After attending this webinar, you should be able to:

  • Outline common data sources and revenue integrity analytics, and understand how this vast amount of information is overwhelming many revenue teams
  • Describe the shifting trend in the profession from simple dashboards and analytics to logic pathways; smart system alerts and data are driving faster, more accurate decision-making tools
  • Assess current gaps in your organization's information systems and how to move beyond insight into action

Leaders in the healthcare arena know that a wealth of data is only as valuable as the ability to understand it. The key to an effective analytics strategy is the ability to translate data into insight and insight into action. If you want to see and hear how Crowe is helping clients tackle this challenge, you will not want to miss this broadcast.

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