Revenue cycle automation success stories: UnityPoint Health

Chad Peters, Matt Szaflarski

What does it take to thrive in the middle of challenging times? It takes tactical and strategic-minded leaders, flexible processes, and technology working in tandem toward a defined objective. This webinar will bring into focus how these pieces fit together at UnityPoint Health and how they went beyond theory to the practical application of automation of their revenue cycle. In a case-study examination, attendees will hear directly from UnityPoint Health on how the joint partnership examined the best areas for automation, developed a strategic plan, executed the project; and what outcomes they achieved.

After attending this webinar, you should be able to:

  • Describe the assessment process for identifying high-value automation opportunities and how to avoid jumping into projects with low return
  • Compare and contrast your current approach to revenue cycle processing and what benefits may be derived from automation
  • Define next steps for assessing your organization’s approach to automation project selection and what gaps need to be addressed

There are too many “random acts of automation” sweeping through organizations taking time and money. Do you know if your resources are being spent on the right projects? Join us for this practical examination of what success looks like.

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