Guide to data driven private equity value creation

Paul Jordan

A major transformation is underway in private equity, driven by data analytics. This guide explores how private equity groups (PEGs) can embrace data to remain competitive and uncover hidden operational improvements for their portfolio companies.

Data-driven value creation can have a tremendous impact on revenue growth and earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) – but only if PEGs take a business-led approach to their data strategy.

The guide describes this approach and more:

  • Use cases for data analytics across the deal life cycle
  • Why PEGs still overlook value creation opportunities
  • Traditional vs. modern value creation
  • Five examples of data-driven value creation opportunities
  • Five questions to guide data strategy development
  • Guiding questions to choose operational improvements
  • Technology approaches to analytics and business intelligence
  • What to look for in a third-party data consultant

Read on for data insights and strategies tailored to the needs of PEGs.

Guide to data driven private equity value creation

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Paul Jordan
Paul Jordan
Principal, Advisory