October 2023 financial services audit committee overview

Kara Baldwin, Giulio Camerini, Mark Shannon, JP Shelly

As financial services companies’ audit committee requirements and expectations evolve in today’s dynamic environment, it is critical for audit committee members to be current with industry developments.

This recording provides audit committee members and other professionals at financial services companies with an overview of financial reporting developments to inform their responsibilities.

In addition, Crowe specialists discuss the state of the lending and credit market, including what they are observing related to credit engagements, some of the credit weaknesses surfacing, and details about what organizations should focus on with loan review in this market.

Topics included in this webinar:

  • Financial reporting observations – 1:04
  • Accounting and financial reporting – 1:44
  • From the SEC – 20:55
  • From the PCAOB – 37:12
  • Loan review and credit issues – 40:55
  • Where we are at today – 42:46
  • Thoughts on office – 53:43
  • Non-CRE thoughts – 1:01:08 
  • Reactions and best practices – 1:11:18 

Note: Only attendees of the live webinar are eligible for CPE or CLE credit for qualifying webinars. If you view the webinar recording on this page you may not be eligible for CPE or CLE. For questions about CPE contact [email protected]. Additional CPE information.

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