Moneyball in Healthcare – Actionable Insight, Transparency, and Clarity

| 1/29/2020

Simply stated, assets are both part of the problem and the solution in healthcare today. On one side, they provide a tremendous amount of clinical value and service revenue for health systems; however, on the other, they also consume an enormous amount of capital and operating expenses. 

Healthcare facilities and operations are looking for a data-driven approach to asset management to create a balance between clinical and financial performance. Many are trying to get to the bottom of these fundamental questions: 

  • What is the utilization rate of our assets? 
  • What is the capacity and where does it exist? 
  • How do I better understand our cost structure? 
  • How do I find ways to manage the cost structure and better align it with productive outputto produce improved asset and system margins? 

Replacing the old anecdotal “gut feel” strategy with true player-level performance analytics provides insight that allows for improvement management of the team, which produces a better output as captured on the scoreboard – the P&L. 

By participating in this presentation, you should be able to:

  1. Appreciate the principles of asset-level analytics and how they relate to capital planning, cost structure management, and system operating performance
  2. Manage and align your operating expenses with the productive output of key revenuegenerating assets
  3. Obtain a better appreciation of how department, site, and system operating margins can be affected by asset-level performance
  4. Improve operating margin by maximizing financial and clinical output while simultaneously minimizing the delivery cost structure

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