Laser-focus on the road ahead:

Tying it all together in a next gen revenue cycle

Brian Sanderson, Colleen Hall

The world of healthcare has been changed forever by recent advances in technology, changes in patient expectations, politics, and COVID-19. For many providers, a spotlight has been shone brightly on them, allowing some to shine while others struggle with the change and growing demands for new models of care delivery and revenue cycle operations. In this session, attendees will have a unique opportunity to hear perspectives and use cases for automation from the industry-leading Revenue Cycle Automation Design Consortium – a cross-section of eight health systems who have come together to develop practical use cases for automation in the next generation of revenue cycle operations.

After attending this session, you should be able to:

  • Describe the challenges facing the healthcare industry and why automation is the only practical answer to cost optimization and standardization
  • Articulate strategies for evaluating revenue cycle automation – how to prepare, how to select, how to implement, how to monitor
  • Outline the key findings within this unique consortium – and how “practical” trumps “conceptual”

You do not want to miss this session, as it brings the symposium into focus and addresses questions like what to automate and when, and what network orchestration will mean for the industry moving forward.

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