Is your compliance program adapting? It’s time to put the pieces together.

Rebecca Welker, Rich Costello, Kim Cusson, Amy Uldrick, Nicolle Brooks
| 7/29/2021

A healthcare compliance program is multifaceted and complex but must be adaptable to keep pace with changing risks and new threats. If the pieces of your compliance program don’t fit well together, it can have an impact on the effectiveness of your program and the organization overall. This interactive session will explore four areas of compliance programs that are each important separately but can strengthen entire programs when connected.

  1. Independent program assessments
  2. Auditing and monitoring
  3. Subject-matter specialization, including clinical regulatory compliance
  4. Exclusion monitoring

After attending this webinar, you should be able to:

  • Describe essential elements of a compliance program
  • Discuss how to connect program elements
  • Identify examples of increased value from a cohesive compliance program
  • Assess where your organization’s compliance program stands today and determine the next steps for strengthening program effectiveness

When all the elements of an effective compliance program are working in harmony, the impact on the organization, staff, and patient care is a greater return on the risk coverage. Join us for a checkup on your compliance program, and learn how you can fine-tune your efforts in the year ahead.