Healthcare risk assessment: The right tools and processes for the job

Do you have the right tools and processes for the job?

Sarah Cole, Mike Witek, Louise Garrett
| 4/30/2021
When it comes to performing relevant risk assessments and developing flexible audit plans to help organizations achieve their goals, the healthcare sector is unique. With risks ranging from unclaimed property, controlled substance oversight, and cybersecurity breaches to revenue cycle management and any of the hundreds of specialized healthcare-only regulatory requirements, healthcare needs tailored processes and tools designed specifically for the sector. In this webinar, Crowe specialists will explore how organizations are using custom healthcare audit programs, risk assessment tools, and data integration tools specifically designed for the industry to drive efficiency and reduce costs. After attending this webinar, you should be able to: -Identify potential gaps in your current risk assessment and audit management, and the benefits of tools and processes built specifically for the healthcare sector -Outline how data integration with systems tailored to the healthcare industry is helping organizations achieve more with less -Assess next steps needed to equip your team to do more with less in the year ahead Audit and risk management leaders know that to get the most out of their teams’ time on a project, they need the right tools tailored to the tasks ahead. Is your team making do with generic processes and systems? If so, you will not want to miss this event.
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